Consumer Collection and Litigation Services

What separates Solomon and Solomon PC from our agency competitors is that we are a law firm.  We manage account placements from pre-collect letters, call campaigns through suit and judgment satisfaction.  As attorneys, we fully appreciate the never ending flow of regulatory changes that impact our industries.  Our attorneys develop action and education plans for our staff to manage these changes.  Using our team approach with collectors and attorneys, we can provide the most effective strategies to maximizing liquidation while minimizing compliance risks.

Solomon and Solomon provides collection and litigation services across numerous sectors, including:

Education – private and public student loans, tuition agreement and related education fees

Healthcare – public and private hospitals, medical, dental, veterinary offices, medical billing companies

Utility – public and private gas and electric consumption and transport billing

Insurance – premium and finance agreements

Bank and Credit Union– credit card, auto loan and home equity lines of credit


Debt Buyers – direct or agency placements

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