How long does it take to get my credit report cleared of my paid debt?


Solomon and Solomon does provide credit reporting as a service for some but not all of its clients.


If the information being reported WAS competed by Solomon and Solomon and if you have paid your outstanding balance or are about to resolve your balance with a payoff or settlement, please call us right away at 877-803-1942 and ask to speak to one of our representatives who can let you know how soon your information would be deleted, following resolution of the debt.

If the information being reported was not competed by Solomon and Solomon, questions regarding that credit reporting would need to be directed to the company who completed the credit reporting.

How can I pay my outstanding debt?


There are several ways to pay your outstanding account. To make a payment online, please visit www.solomonpayments.com. If you prefer to call, please call our toll-free number 877-803-1942. If you would prefer not to speak with anyone, you may mail a check directly to the address listed on our Contact Us page. Please write your File Number on your letter and check.


How do I find my File Number?


Your File Number was listed on the letter you received from us. If you are unsure or can’t locate it please call us at 877-803-1942.


I can’t pay the whole balance due? What can I do?


Please call us at 877-803-1942. We may be able to work out a payment plan that fits your financial situation.


I do not think I owe this full amount.


Please contact us at 877-803-1942 so we may discuss. This may be able to be readily resolved or we can get a copy of the bill for you.


I am getting notices about a St. Mary’s bill.  I have discussed this with St. Mary’s.


Please contact us at 877-803-1942 as there are options on this bill.  If this is a pre-collect we have the number for the debtor to call St Mary’s.


You contacted a Family member about a debt they owe. Can I act on their behalf to resolve this issue?


Yes but we will need advanced authorization from your family member before we can speak to you about the account.

I’ve paid my debt, why do collectors continue to contact me?


Please call us right away and ask to speak to one of our representatives.